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The East Warren Community Market is the Mad River Valley's local food co-op, serving residents and visitors alike. While membership brings with it certain benefits, everyone is welcome to shop!

Our shelves are stocked with:

  • Local, organic, and specialty items
  • Everyday staples (eggs, cereal, toilet paper)
  • Artisan specialties (like cheese, salami, olives)
  • Local meats, cheeses, and seasonal produce from nearby farms
  • A selection of wine and cold beer
  • Fresh coffee, baked goods, and lunch items

Our Market occupies the historic East Warren Schoolhouse. In the tradition of Vermont country stores, it is a neighborhood hub - a place to catch the news while stopping for milk and bread, or the makings for tonight's dinner. We are committed to supporting local farmers and producers - by keeping dollars in Vermont, we contribute to the economic viability of our communities.

We are launching a new service, particularly aimed at out-of-towners who come over the Roxbury Gap on Friday night - often-times late, after all the stores in the Valley are closed. Our Friday Night Grocery Service will allow people to call or email us a grocery order, charge it to their credit card, and pick it up when they arrive - even of it's after we closed at 9pm. (This could even inclide a Comfort Food Dinner!)

What is the East Warren Community Market All About?

The East Warren Community Market has been incorporated as a consumer Coop, to serve the public interest of it�s members and the Warren community by providing a convenient local outlet for basic groceries. Operating out of the East Warren Schoolhouse with facilities leased from the non�profit Rootswork, the Coop�s principal mission is to serve it�s members by providing a convenient year round market offering when possible, a broad selection of sustainably, grown, local, and/or organic goods. We plan to be a full spectrum food resource for the community, responding to requests, and making special orders available. We anticipate establishing alliances with local farmers and producers, combining their high quality products with a selection of grocery staples available through local and regional distributors.

We believe that the time is right for the Coop. As gas and food prices rise, as industrial food becomes less safe to eat, and as our own sensibilities change to embrace sustainably and/or locally produced food, having a local market in our immediate community makes sense. The Warren Selectboard has recently expressed it�s support of the 1st floor of the East Warren Schoolhouse being used as a community grocery store.

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