Our Market Garden

Located behind the historic East Warren Schoolhouse within the town's community gardens


Meet our farmer, Samantha Duchaine

I have been farming for 10 years. While in college in Colorado, I marveled at the beautiful produce at the farmer’s market but couldn’t afford to buy it (typical broke college student…). I got the brilliant idea to see if I could work-trade. After finding the farmer with the kindest eyes and the nicest looking produce, I asked him if he could help. Enthusiastically he agreed and so began my farming experience.

My journey progressed quickly. I became the manager for the community garden on campus and took a summer internship on an organic permaculture-minded CSA farm. After graduating college, I moved to Northern California and worked full-time on a 65 acre organic vegetable farm. Here I learned how production works on a large scale; everything from breaking new fields and installing initial infrastructure to pumping out massive quantities of food to giant wholesalers.

Upon moving back to Vermont my partner and I started up a small market farm in Waterbury Center, selling to farmers markets, local groceries, and restaurants. Shortly after we found some land of our own near the Mad River Valley.

My learning continued while working with Aaron Locker at Kingsbury Market Garden. It was here I learned how different farming is on the east coast from Colorado and California. I witnessed different cultivation and marketing techniques than I had experienced previously. It was during this time that I also began working with the East Warren Market Garden. Having recently moved to Roxbury, VT, I found not just a job but a sense of community in the East Warren Community Market. Here I found inspiration, purpose and an opportunity to farm organically on a local level. I am able to implement my own ideas and witness the consequences of my direct and indirect action.

I have worked hard to refine what I grow to supply the store with delicious, organic produce as consistently as possible. I think that the East Warren Community Market having its own sustainable garden is incredibly unique and adds value and meaning to the community that surrounds it. I feel honored to be a part of it.